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4 Game Systems for Commoner Encounters across genres 

Single page All Four on 1 page

...I love your David lynch ass rpg systems
-- a beheld lurker
Now I understand why reading random documents can cause Sanity loss...
-- a beheld star
It’s like English Lorem Ipsum.
-- a beheld woodblock
...instructions in an acid vat...
-- a beheld proof

Page size: Borderless Letter

Game length: 200 words (each)


As oobleck, tickets to the games forms a face when you hit it and puddles into blanketing foundation when you explore one another or tchil together in a pea pod.

New game every session: Interpret rules together at the table like a sculptor revealing a friend, a justice reading a constitution, or a rat composing a spider web. Awaken personalizing mechanics as the rules wine-list from mind to mind around your turf. Don't keep track -- or do.


Formatted for library print-out, for sliding into books, taping to people-dividers ("armrests"), phone scrolling, braiding through chain link or chaining paper links into an infinity scarf.

5-55 minute playtimes
1+ players
ages 5 and up


I'm from groups where ppl do just fine initializing the demise of their own character -- i have never gm'd a game where my complications were more interesting than the complications players add themselves save the occasional asking a player how they keep their story relevant.

If you're from "I win" tables, go away, t₂g's for loud cries and crying quietly together.

v2.3: there's 4 more horizonizers and Total Impression is all shuffled now
v2.2: there's 12 Single Pages (1 more game+14 portrait alt layouts) now
game page: new cover image (favicon looks like a galosh now)
game page: lengthened description (25 -> 200 words)
v2.1.1: fixed formatting error (realigned bones)
game page: added blurbs from readers
v2.1: there's 6 Single Pages (5 more games+1 alt text+3 portrait alt layouts) now
v2.0: there's 3 Single pages (6 more games+1 alt text) now


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