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Disclaimer: you are not allowed to hurt anyone with any of the below. • Always ask left "is this okay?" • Always ask right "are we okay?" • Always treat silence as 'no, this ain't cool' & 'not today'.

Don't pick this one if you've had everything go right today.
You (circle 1), a light | drive | response | activation | you, never hungering again
| You, becoming MISSION | you never not DEFINE_ACTIVIST | You, the battery not dead
| twilight of knowledge's F1 Key | You, help
And you (circle 1), the wreck | compost | glitch | rot | urchin | funk
You awoke. You got away. Strung up nonsense. You left. But then never felt.
Never connected. To anything. But then, what's with the pet name, ( )?
( 1. Si[Stan]ri 2. 4 4 3. Spoony 4. 5thnMae 5. Sati 6. _hErEnOwNiCk_ )
ask someone new: • Where should we donate our session's funds?


When you help someone, your dice may explode into help around you, from
groups you helped. Roll more. More. You're helping. Help until you're not
exploding. Your help may fail explosively, too, the Contest turns fiasco.
Roll the same number that someone else rolled: roll again. Add your result(s) to
that person's side. Roll until you stop exploding (stop rolling numbers others
rolled). Roll everyone's number twice? Become (circle 1): critical error | monster


That gate you all just used to get here, it broke. A-yup, error, ur fault.
You say as much. Whoever hoped to follow you don't know where you ended up.
Where are you ( roll on your group's Where Have I Been? sheet )?
Roll stats. Roll them all. Roll dx where x is the Connections your broke gate has:
how many stats roll under this number?--that's how many items you need to get
to fix the gate. Run. Or fix it--but fix it b4 admins crawl inside the server,
take from you the way they took Youraida.
help: look to your left ― they don't believe you broke it. Why ( )?
( 1. Colors 2. Noises 3. Scents 4. History 5. Logs 6. Artifacts )


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